Being a member at Lighthouse Church is about being a participant in the COMMITTED of Lighthouse Church. We are a group of members dedicated to vision of Knowing, Doing, and Becoming.
What is Membership?
What is Membership?

Membership is a group of like-minded followers of Jesus committed to one another who are pursuing the mission of God in a local, community context.

I want to be a member. What should I do?
  • Start acting like a member.
  • Join a Formation Group where you can build relationships with members of the church family.
  • Show your love for Jesus’ church by volunteering on Sunday or by helping out during the week.
  • Partner in the gospel with the church family by giving financially to the church.
  • Get on mission by befriending people in our city and talking to them about Jesus.
  • Take our membership class and sign the membership covenant.

We do ask that all our potential members attend our Membership Class; however, we understand schedule conflicts occur. If you missed topic, or you would to listen to the class virtually you can do so on this page.

Online Classes

Topic 1: Who We Are


Topic 2: Beliefs & Theology


Topic 3: Membership