Funds PLEDGED To-Date


$300,590.50 of $300,000 Needed


Funds RECEIVED To-Date


$295,304.17 of $300,000 Needed


Our dream is to raise $300,000 for our new building, and we believe God has gifted and called you to help us reach our goals!






Frequently Asked Questions



We will begin our campaign in May and our desire is for us to reach our goal of raising $300,000 by the end of December. Ideally, on June 2nd and 9th, when our church hands in their Time, Talent , and Treasure Commitment Cards, we would reach our pledged goal of $300,000. Then we would see the finances progressively come in over the course of 2019.

Our elders, members, denominational leaders, and lending agency have helped us make the wisest decision possible. We will not only be financially stable throughout this move and campaign, but we will be bringing in additional income from rental tenants at the new building to help continue the growth of Lighthouse Church.

We would encourage you to NOT do that. Lighthouse depends on your regular giving to continue our normal operations, and we are asking our church to model our giving after the life of Jesus: By sacrificially giving above and beyond what is required to further God’s Kingdom. As you give sacrificially, you will realize the immense blessing it brings to your spiritual life.

Yes. As of right now, the $300,000 we are raising will go towards first-phase renovations in our building. Most of those renovations and purchases are “temporary” meaning we are not building permanent walls or brand new areas in the building. In the future, as God provides, we will be able to build permanent LighthouseKids space, new offices, an expanded sanctuary, and more.

If, by your generosity we raise more than $300,000, we will utilize those funds for further renovations in the building. We have plans for upgrades to the bathrooms, renovations for the current coffee area, multi-story office and kids spaces, and more. We will also continue to give 10% of all funds we receive towards Missions & Church Planting.

We will be allocated 10% of all the funds we raise during our We Need A Move Campaign towards Missions. We will continue our support of church plants, missionaries, non-profits, and much more!

Giving faithfully and systematically doesn’t happen naturally. You have to plan. Therefore, we have provided an Excel document you can use to help you plan to give throughout the campaign.

Excel Giving Sheet