A program for emerging leaders called to vocational ministry.

The Program

The Lighthouse Intership is a one to three year program designed to empower emerging leaders for vocational ministry by providing hands-on experience working with one of the staff teams of the church, personal mentoring, and leadership training for a lifetime of ministry significance.

The Timeline

Unlike most traditionaliI internship programs, the Lighthouse Internship is built around the idea that emerging leaders can “come and go.” Some interns will only apply and engage with the program for one summer or one full-year program. While others will choose to engage in two summers, and a full-year program (likely a Resident in college). Either way, we created the Lighthouse Internship to be flexible and engaging for emerging leaders of all ages.

Summer One (Intensive)
Summer One (Intensive)

This three month program provides the Intern with an opportunity to see ministry from a 30,000/ft view. Over the course of three months, the Intern will be challenged in a myriad of ways in regards to vocational ministry. They will learn the hard work of daily office work, setting up events, teaching classes, and developing unknown skills. The primary purpose of Summer One is to “test” whether or not vocational ministry is the correct path for the Intern.

* Summer One Interns are provided housing, a monthly stipend, and additional benefits to help cover the cost of participating in the program.

Summer Two (Specialized)
Summer Two (Specialized)

This three month program is predicated on the idea that the Intern has already completed the Summer One program. If a Intern has completed Summer One, and wishes to “dive deeper” into a specific area of ministry, or be mentored by a specific pastoral leader or staff, this is the program for them.

During these three months, intentional development of vocational skills in specific ministry areas, such as preaching, worship leading, pastoral care, outreach, organizational systems and leadership, etc., will occur.

* Summer Two Interns are provided housing, a monthly stipend, and additional benefits to help cover the cost of participating in the program.

Year Three (Vocational)
Year Three (Vocational)

This year-long program is explicitly created for emerging leaders who are confident in their calling for vocational church ministry. This year-long, intensive program includes but is not limited to, full-time work at one of Lighthouse’s campuses, mentorship by pastoral staff, continued theological and vocational training and education, and opportunities to grow and develop specific ministries in the church.

A year-long program could be in Preaching and Teaching, Church Planting, Systems and Administration, Event Coordinating, Marketing, Outreach and Community Engagement, and much more.

* Year Three Interns are required to fundraise $15,000 for the program. During Year Three, Lighthouse Church will provide housing, and needed ministry expenses; however, much like a missionary, Year Three Interns are required to fundraise. No outside jobs or “gig work” is allowed.

** Year Three Interns are not guaranteed jobs at Lighthouse Church upon completion of their program.